Specialisation in MBA

Deepening knowledge through focused study


Overview of the elective modules

Block courses in Germany, France and the USA

In the third semester of the MBA programme, students may choose between a variety of specialisations. The “International Management” module is offered by universities across Germany, whereas other modules are delivered as a block of classes at one campus.

According to your professional and personal interests, it is possible to acquire consolidated, specialised knowledge in one field whilst exchanging ideas with MBA students from other regions, which will allow your network to significantly expand.

The block courses in Germany are scheduled to take place within one week in June and November. Areas of specialisation abroad take place within two weeks and once a year. For areas of specialisation abroad there are additional costs.

Overview of the block modules

  • Project Management Tools & Organisation
  • Risk and Contract Management 

    Course in Hamburg
  • Organisation Development
  • Process, Quality & Digital Change Management

    Course in Köln

  • Developing a new business
  • Starting a new business

    Course in München/Berlin
  • Tools & Techniques for Management Consulting
  • Applied Consulting

    Course in Düsseldorf
  • International Finance
  • International Asset Management

    Course in Boulogne-sur-Mer/ Frankreich
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Sales & Customer Relationship Management

    Course in San Diego/USA