The international symposium "Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Germany and China – Similarities and Dissimilarities" will be held at Shandong Agricultural University. Researchers from Germany and China will intensively discuss various important issues of SMEs in China and Germany aiming at analyzing and at the end of the symposium deducting similarities and dissimilarities of framework conditions such as regulations and policies, impacts on the macro-economy, innovation capacities, state of entrepreneurship, risk management and other micro-economic features of small and medium sized economies in China and Germany. Based on these similarities and dissimilarities, policy recommendations may be drawn for national SME policy and potential co-operations between German and Chinese companies. Researchers from Germany and China will discuss various issues related to the topic of the international symposium.

Wissenschaftliche Leitung: Prof. Andreas Oberheitmann

Laufzeit: 15.09.2017-20.09.2017

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