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Business Administration

University degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
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Study Content / Plan

1st semester 

Crash Courses1

  • Crash Course in Business Administration
  • Crash Course Methodology


  • Supply and demand
  • Costs and revenues
  • Theory of the firm
  • Factor markets
  • Market failure
  • Unemployment and inflation
  • Money and monetary policy
  • Policy approaches
  • International trade

Marketing & Communication

  • The role of marketing   
  • Market analysis
  • Company Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing objectives
  • Marketing mix
  • Communication: Internal, External, Digital, International

HR & Leadership Competencies

  • General Framework of Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Culture
  • Leadership in teams
  • Motivation Theory

Financial Management

  • Objectives in financial management
  • Stakeholder vs. Shareholder Management
  • Ethical aspects in financial management and corporate governance
  • Financial planning
  • Investment
  • Cash management

2nd semester

Strategic Corporate Management

  • Strategic analysis
  • Theoretic approaches
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Choices and implementation
  • Different strategic contexts

International Business Law

  • Main features of the German legal system and embedment in European and International law
  • Basics of contract law (including European and international references)
  • Basics and current developments of commercial and corporate law
  • Industrial property rights - Introduction to the national,
    European and international competition, trademark and patent law
  • Basics of international arbitration proceedings

Value-based Controlling & International Accounting

  • The classification of accounting methods according to IFRS in the national and international normative context
  • The goals, objectives and principles of IFRS accounting methods
  • The components of IFRS annual financial statements
  • General reporting and valuation rules of the IFRS
  • Value-orientated controlling and indicator systems
  • Possible applications and limitations of value-orientated indicators/systems for performance measurement and management through controlling

Management Decision-Making 

  • Decision-Making Techniques
  • Rational and intuitive decision Models
  • Information requirements and information management
  • Managing risk and uncertainty
3rd semester

Research Methods
  • Organisation and management research
  • Research strategy and design
  • Questionnaire and survey design and sampling techniques
  • Analysis of quantitative data
  • Dilemmas of research Choice

International Investment
  • Theoretical foundation of asset management
  • Information content of derivatives and instruments
  • Corporate diversification and hedging
  • Net present value vs real options
  • Planning of earnings, investments and finance
  • Analysis of earnings, cash flows and assets/liabilities
  • Finance and investment decisions (e.g. Private Equity, M&A)
  • Shareholder value management


International Management²

International Strategy & Sales Management 
  • Sales Goals
  • Structure
  • Organisation, Personal and Team Selling (negotiation
  • Selection and Management of Distribution

International Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Business Plan
  • International Business Activities
  • Structuring and developing a Innovation Management Process
  • Structuring and developing a (Digital)
    Business Model and (Digital) Value Chain
4th semester

Master Thesis and colloquium

University degree:
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Study degree:
Business Administration
Subject to change without notice.
1) To ensure that you are well-prepared for the start of your studies, FOM offers crash courses in Business Administration and Methodology at the beginning of the first semeste which help you refresh all relevant basic skills and knowledge.
2) other specialisation modules
As an alternative to the “International Management” specialisation in the 3rd semester, you can choose one of six one-week block courses as an area for specialisation. This allows you to optimise your specialisation to suit your professional and personal interests and gain specialist knowledge in one of these areas of expertise. The block courses are each exclusively offered at an FOM study centre in Germany. This gives you the opportunity to interact with MBA students from other regions and expand your network.

  • Process & Digital Change (Cologne)
  • Project & Contract (Hamburg)
  • Management Consulting (Dusseldorf)
  • Start-Up Entrepreneurship
    (Berlin & Munich)
  • Marketing & Sales (Stuttgart)
  • International
    Finance & Asset Management (Frankfurt)

The block courses are scheduled to take place within one week in June and November. Subject to change. Specialisation block courses can only be held if a minimum number of participants is registered.

Transferral of credits within the FOM overseas programme. For further information please contact the international office at 0800 660 88 00.