First Semester

Economics (5 CP)

  • Supply and demand
  • Costs and revenues
  • Theory of the firm
  • Factor markets
  • Market failure
  • Unemployment and inflation
  • Money and monetary policy
  • Policy approaches
  • International trade

Marketing & Communication (6 CP)

  • The role of marketing   
  • Market analysis
  • Company Analysis
  • SWOT-Analysis
  • Marketing objectives
  • Marketing mix
  • Communication: Internal, External, Digital, International

HR & Leadership Competencies (5 CP)

  • General Framework of Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Culture
  • Leadership in teams
  • Motivation Theory

Financial Management (6 CP)

  • Objectives in financial management
  • Stakeholder vs. Shareholder Management
  • Ethical aspects in financial management and corporate governance
  • Financial planning
  • Investment
  • Cash management

Second Semester

Strategic Corporate Management (6 CP)

  • Strategic analysis
  • Theoretic approaches
  • Strategy formulation
  • Choices and implementation
  • Different strategic context

International Business Law (5 CP)

  • Main features of the German legal system and embedment in European and international law
  • Basics of contract law (including European and international references)
  • Basics and current developments of commercial and corporate law
  • Industrial property rights - Introduction to the national, European and international competition, trademark and patent law
  • Basics of international arbitration procedures

Value-based Controlling & International Accounting (5 CP)

  • Classification of accounting methods according to IFRS in the national and international normative context
  • Goals, objectives and principles of IFRS accounting methods
  • Components of IFRS annual financial statements
  • General reporting and valuation rules of the IFRS
  • Value-orientated controlling and indicator systems
  • Possible applications and limitations of value-orientated indicators/systems for performance measurement and management through controlling

Management Decision-Making (5 CP)

  • Decision-Making techniques
  • Rational and intuitive decision models
  • Information requirements and information management
  • Managing risk and uncertainty

Third Semester

Research Methods (5 CP)

  • Organisation and management research
  • Research strategy and design
  • Questionnaire and survey design and sampling techniques
  • Analysis of quantitative data
  • Dilemmas of research choice

International Investment (5 CP)

  • Theoretical foundation of asset management
  • Information content of derivatives and instruments
  • Corporate diversification and hedging
  • Net present value vs real options
  • Planning of earnings, investments and finance
  • Analysis of earnings, cash flows and assets/liabilities
  • Finance and investment decisions (e.g. Private Equity, M&A)
  • Shareholder value management 

Advanced Module I: International Strategy & Sales Management (6 CP)

  • Sales Goals
  • Structure
  • Organisation, Personal and Team Selling (negotiation skills)
  • Selection and Management of Distribution

Advanced Module II: International Entrepreneurship & Innovation(6CP)

  • Business Plan
  • International Business Activities
  • Structuring and developing a Innovation Management Process
  • Structuring and developing a (Digital) Business Model and (Digital) Value Chain

Fourth Semester

Master-Thesis and Colloquium (25 CP)