First Semester

Decision Focussed Management (6 CP)

  • Traditional decision theory
  • Management decisions from a psychological perspective
  • Decisions in a strategy context

Connectivity, Cloud Computing & Internet of Things (6 CP)

  • Connectivity (e.g. networking, mobile radio, mobile devices)
  • Coud Computing (architecture, service concepts, intersection Big-Data and AI)
  • Sensor system (e.g. temperature sensors, position and acceleration sensors, pressure sensors)
  • Intelligent Things
  • Technology concepts of modern digitalization

Competence Check (Questionaire)

Second Semester

Big Data Analytics (6 CP)

  • Data sources and data classification
  • Visual analytics / data discovery / explorative data analysis
  • AI methods such as machine learning
  • Computational intelligence: fuzzy logic, neuronal networks, evolutionary algorithms

Artificial Intelligence (6 CP)

  • Development of the AI and essential concepts
  • Agents
  • Knowledge-based systems
  • Logics
  • Machine learning and data mining

Information Systems in Production (6 CP)

  • Product development systems
  • Production planning systems
  • Production management systens
  • Case Study

Transfer Report 1

Third Semester

Smart Technologies within the Value Chain (7 CP)

  • Industry 4.0 technologies within individual business processes of a manufacturing company (production IT, big data analytics, internet of things, artificial intelligence)
  • Industry 4.0 technologies within individual business process sections
  • Data security
  • Impacts and effects of Industry 4.0

Design Thinking & Business Model Innovation (6 CP)

  • Lean start-up
  • Methods of design thinking to formulate comprehensive and innovative problem and solution spaces
  • Basic principles of design thinking business systems and portals

Organizational Transformation (6 CP)

  • requirements of digitization for the enterprise organization
  • success factors of organizational transformation processes
  • concepts of organizational change: organizational transformation

Transfer Report 2

Fourth Semester

Digital Factory & Cyber-Physical Systems (6 CP)

  • basics of cyber-physical production systems
  • fundamentals and application of robotics
  • fundamentals and classification of additive manufacuring
  • sustanability and ethical aspects in the context of smart production

Technology & Sustainability (5 CP)

  • The role of different actors in sustainable development
  • Sustainability assessment of products, services and processes
  • Technology transfer as an instrument of sustainable development 
  • Sustainability relevant fields of technology

Enterprise Architecture Management (6 CP)

  • summary EAM
  • organizational anchoring of EAM
  • business and IT-strategy
  • IT systems and IT architecture
  • EAM tools

Transfer Report 3

Fifth Semester

Master Thesis, Colloquium (25 CP)

Competence Check / Examination of the theory-practice-reflection