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Digital Master’s Study Programme

Big Data & Business Analytics

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

When is the appropriate time to introduce products? Which audiences should be targeted? Should we invest in new production lines?

Big Data is becoming increasingly more important in business practice: from finance to the health sector, the amount of structured and unstructured data that companies are providing nowadays is rapidly increasing. Big Data specialists bridge the gap between logic and quantitative methods, programming languages, frameworks and infrastructure, all the way to the interpretation and implementation of the results in business processes.

There is high demand for Big Data analysts in companies. Therefore, the FOM Hochschule has developed a study programme, which focuses on the corporate value of data. From the summer semester 2022 onwards, (economic-) programmers, engineers, and scientists, as well as mathematicians and statisticians, can enroll in the new full time Master’s programme "Big Data & Business Analytics" which is taught entirely in English.

International students from all over the world now also have the opportunity to participate in the Big Data & Business Analytics Master’s programme at FOM Hochschule. All 5 semesters will take place online via our highly modern digital platforms.

The Master’s degree in Big Data & Business Analytics will be completed with the academic degree Master of Science (M.Sc.). 

Studying online provides a great flexibility in terms of space and time. Borders are hardly relevant any more - neither for teaching nor for students, who can connect and join in discussions from anywhere. This online study program is for students who do not want to leave their home country but still seek for an international degree. Since these programs are part time, students can continue to follow their (professional) life at home. The basis of FOM’s digital live studies are fixed-schedule courses in the form of interactive live broadcasts. The live lectures consist of a mixture of theoretical knowledge transfer and practical elements, such as exercises or case studies. In order to deepen the theoretical knowledge and apply it practically, the students work on questions and exercises, for example in breakout sessions.

Information on Master's Programme "Big Data & Business Analytics"

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.) 

Length: 5 Semester inclusive Thesis

ECTS: 120 Credit points

Place of Study: online

Mode of Study: Part-time

Course Language: English

AccreditationThe FOM - a non-profit-oriented University of Applied Sciences - and its academic degrees are state-recognized and all its study programmes are accredited. FOM Hochschule is Germany’s largest private university with over 20 years worth of teaching and research experience

University degree
* of 180 credit points** with at least 60 credit points in (business) informatics modules 


with a share of at least 60 credit points from subject-related modules (e.g. mathematics, statistics)


Successfully completed admission examination

Proof of current employment

In addition, sufficient English language skills must be provided. Proof of sufficient English language skills can be provided by successfully completing a recognized placement test according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for foreign languages at a language level of at least B2, e.g. by submitting a TOEIC test (min. 860) points, a TOEFL test (internet-based min. 83 points) or a Duolingo test (min. 105 points). This requirement may be waived in justified individual cases. Native speakers, graduates of an English taught study program, or applicants who can prove that they have lived in an English-speaking country for several years may be exempted from the test to prove sufficient knowledge of the English language.   



* Graduation with a Master's or Bachelor's degree or with a diploma or state examination. Degrees from accredited bachelor's training programmes at universities of cooperative education are equivalent to bachelor's degrees from universities of applied sciences.

** FOM awards credit points according to the standards of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). They measure the workload required of students in the study programme.


Agents advertise the programme locally. Interested students can either contact the agents or the FOM (International Office) with questions.

First Semester

Big-Data-Architecture & -Infrastructure (5 CP)

  • Enterprise architecture management (EAM)
  • Technological requirements for big data
  • Vital infrastructures for data-driven business models
  • Complex processing by continuous data sets

Big Data Analytics (6 CP)

  • Data sources and data classification
  • Visual analytics / data discovery / explorative data analysis
  • AI methods such as machine learning
  • Computational intelligence: fuzzy logic, neuronal networks, evolutionary algorithms

Decision Focussed Management (6 CP)

  • Traditional decision theory
  • Management decisions from a psychological perspective
  • Decisions in a strategy context

Quantitative Data Analysis (5 CP)

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Quantitative Data Analysis (Application with the statistics software R, statistical testing methods, multivariate procedures

Competence Check (Questionaire)

Second Semester

Applied Programming (6 CP)

  • Basic principles and application of programming languages for big data: SQL, R and Python
  • Languages and tools for data management
  • Data integration
  • ETL v. ELT (data lake)

Analysis of semi- & unstructured Data (5 CP)

  • Crawling and pre-processing
  • Text mining / web mining
  • Social media analysis
  • Ontologies
  • Semantic and graphic modelling/technologies

Leadership & Sustainability (6 CP)

  • Leadership as part of normative, strategic and operative business management and in the context of diversity management
  • Leadership styles, techniques and instruments
  • Ethics and sustainability

Transfer Assessment**: Transfer- Report 1

Third Semester

Project management of Big-Data-Projects (5 CP)

  • Planning, management and control of dig data projects
  • Challenges, specific features and success factors of big data project management
  • Architectural and technological features
  • Introduction of big data applications
  • Integration and harmonisation of data sources and planning of data analyses and reporting

Big-Data-Analysis Project (6 CP)

  • Selection of an area of application for the analysis project
  • Project work with first independently produced data analysis

Area of application: Business Analytics (5 CP)

  • Goals and fields of activity for big data applications
  • Sector and type of data sources
  • Application of processes such as association analysis, decision tree process, neuronal networks, cluster analysis

Transfer Assessment**: Transfer-Report 2


Fourth Semester

Ethics & Law (5 CP)

  • Ethical aspects of the use of big data
  • Legal aspects of the use of big data
  • Compliance

Big Data Consulting Project (6 CP)

  • Selection of an area of application for the analysis project
  • Data storytelling
  • Addressing a management issue
  • Data acquisition, processing and analysis
  • Preparing findings for management

Strategic Business Model Development  (5 CP)

  • Results of big data analyses as drivers of business model development
  • Planning of big data strategy/business analytics strategy
  • Strategy approaches and strategic planning and management instruments
  • Data-based business models and business transformation
  • Open innovation/innovation management

Transfer Assessment**: Transfer-Report 3

Fifth Semester

Master-Thesis and Colloquium (25 CP)

Competence Check / Examination of the theory-practice-reflection


Registration fee1.580 Euro Participants who have already completed or are taking a course of study or a recognised continuing education programme at one of the institutes belonging to the BCW Group pay half the enrolment fee.

Tuition fee: 13.570 Euro 

Examination fee: 350 euro*

Total cost: 15.500 Euro including registration fee, tuition fee and examination fee

*The examination fee will be charged again if the student resubmits their thesis.

Students can pay the total amount in one installment (before the start of the programme) or in two installments. The first installment is to be paid before the start of the programme and includes, among others, tuition fess for the first two semesters, enrollment fees and examination fees (1st installment at 7.715 Euro). The second installment includes the tuition fees for the third and fourth semester and must be paid before the start of the 3rd semester (2nd installemt at 5.785 Euro). (Subject to change!)


Please download the application form at the bottom of this page.  

Step 1: Register your personal data and educational background in the application form.

Step 2: Please send the filled out and signed application form as well as the following documents as certified copies via email to

    • Authenticated copy of General university entrance qualification certificate
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Authenticated copy of Bachelor degree certificate (for details check the admission requirements) 
    • Authenticated copy of Transcript of records Bachelor’s degree
    • If applicable: Authenticated copy of Master degree and diploma
    • Proof of sufficient English language skills (at least B2 proficiency level – for details check the admission requirements)
    • Proof of current employment
    • Scan of passport


Please always enter your full name as it is mentioned in your passport. If you do not have a last name, please enter "-".

All documents must be in German or English. If your original document is written in another language, you must have your document translated by a certified translator. Please then send a certified copy of the original and the certified translation when applying.

Please send all documents as PDF and name the file as followed: Last name, first name_Study programme (e.g. Smith, Jane_Big Data and Business Analytics).  

Note: Where can I have my documents certified?

    • issuing institutions, e.g. schools, universities and language schools,
    • the Ministry of Education in your home country
    • the German embassies and consulates,
    • the cultural department of the embassy of the country from which the certificate originates,
    • the authorities and notaries who are authorised to carry out official certification in your home country.


Important: Translators are not allowed to certify documents in the original language.

Step 3: After receiving your conditional letter of admission you need to send the registration form as original and certified copies of the other documents via post. (Please do not send original degree certificates!)

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International Students from India at FOM

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Student Statement

Sonia Kopidesi Prabhakaran
Sonia Kopidesi Prabhakaran
Participant of the Master's programmes for Indian Students at FOM in Germany

»Being an expert of data without any doubt is one of the most promising career paths I can imagine. The Masters’ program offered at the FOM University provides a snapshot of how big data transforms the way the business is conducted today and demonstrates the state-of- the-art tools to get into the forefront of data-based business analytics.«