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Strategic Management

Strategic Management
International Course Strategic Management

Globalization was the buzzword of the 1990s, and in the twenty first century, there is no evidence that globalization will diminish. Essentially, globalization refers to growth of trade and investment, accompanied by the growth in international businesses, and the integration of economies around the world. The globalization concept is based on a number of relatively simple premises:

  • Technological developments have increased the ease and speed of international communication and travel.
  • Increased communication and travel have made the world smaller.
  • A smaller world means that people are more aware of events outside of their home country, and are more likely to travel to other countries.
  • Increased awareness and travel result in a better understanding of foreign opportunities.
  • A better understanding of opportunities leads to increases in international trade and investment, and the number of businesses operating across national borders.
  • These increases mean that the economies around the world are more closely integrated.

While companies' top managers typically develop global strategies, they rely on all levels of management in order to implement these strategies successfully. Therefore the core question that can be asked in this module is how these companies are implementing the strategies? What are the instruments and tools that can be used? What form of due diligence analysis should be undertaken in order to be successful?


International and Global Strategy

  • General concepts of strategic management and ist process
  • Macro and micro environmental analysis of a company or organisation (national, international or global)
  • Industry analsysis and formulation of business strategy
  • Growth models for organisation
  • Modes of international and global market entry strategy
  • Analysis of chances and threats of global strategy
  • Tools and intruments of strategic management (BCG Matrix, Ansoffs Matrix, GE/Mckinsey Portfolio Planning model, Integration Responsiveness Matrix)

Keyfacts zum Modul "Strategic Management":

  • Präsenzstunden: 48 Unterrichtseinheiten (á 45 Minuten)
  • ECTS: 7
  • Dauer: 1 Semester
  • Prüfungsleistungen: Klausur (à 4 UE)
  • Kosten: 480,00 €
  • Studienorte: Ob dieses Modul auch an Ihrem Studienstandort angeboten wird, erfahren Sie bei dem für Sie zuständigen FOM Hochschulzentrum.


  • Bei Beginn im Sommersemester: Vorlesungen von März bis August
  • Bei Beginn im Wintersemester: Vorlesungen von September bis Februar