Modules of the study course Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Management

Professional Business English

Professional Business English
International Course Professional Business English

This course aims to better equip students to function effectively in today's globalized  business world, by helping them develop the essential language, communicative skills and cultural sensitivity needed to interact confidently and effectively in a range of business related settings such as, for example, working in globally recruited teams, or dealing with suppliers or customers located in different cultures. 


This third of three English courses for students on the International Business Management study programme aims to further extend students' language and business communication skills. Additionally, looking ahead to the bachelor thesis these learners will be writing, the course provides training and practice designed to further develop their academic writing skills.

Study skills

In addition to further developing the areas covered in the first two courses, students should be guided towards effectively 

  • conducting research for an academic paper 
  • using academic language and style (AWL) 
  • producing a bibliography using s specific style guide (as covered in the first course ‘Essential Business English’) plus the use of in-text referencing and footnotes 

Language and communication skills for the study and work-related situations 

  • taking part in negotiations (e.g. linking offers to conditions) 
  • chairing meetings (e.g. opening closing, dealing with interruptions, etc.) 
  • conflict management 
  • economics 
  • discussing business start-ups and viability 

Understanding and processing information in written and spoken business related material 

  • company structure and organisation 
  • accounting issues 
  • financial statements (e.g. balance sheets) 
  • forms of company 

Writing skills for business and study purposes 

  • email invitations 
  • meeting agendas 
  • introductions and conclusions in academic writing 
  • content and structure of paragraphs in academic writing 
  • textual cohesion (linking ideas) 
  • complex sentences (being varied and concise) 
  • quoting, paraphrasing and summarising 
  • stating opinions in academic writing 
  • using graphs and figures 
  • executive summary 

Keyfacts zum Modul "Professional
Business English":

  • Präsenzstunden: 48 Unterrichtseinheiten (á 45 Minuten) (inkl. Klausur)
  • ECTS: 5
  • Dauer: 1 Semester
  • Prüfungsleistungen: Klausur (á 60 Min.) und Präsentation
  • Kosten: 480,00 €
  • Studienorte: Ob dieses Modul auch an Ihrem Studienstandort angeboten wird, erfahren Sie bei dem für Sie zuständigen FOM Hochschulzentrum.


  • Bei Beginn im Sommersemester: Vorlesungen von März bis August
  • Bei Beginn im Wintersemester: Vorlesungen von September bis Februar