Modules of the study course Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Management

Essential Business English

Essential Business English
International Course Essential Business English

This course aims to better equip students to function effectively in today's globalized business world, by helping them develop the essential language and communicative skills needed to interact confidently and effectively in a range of business related settings such as, for example, working in globally recruited teams, or dealing with suppliers or customers located in different cultures.


This first of three English courses for students on the International Business Management study programme aims to cover a range of language areas and skills and lay the foundations for students to continue improving their English autonomously, hence the inclusion of essential study skills.

Study skills

  • noticing, recording and learning new lexical items
  • dictionary skills
  • exploiting online language learning resources
  • using mobile devices for language learning
  • using e-learning for guided self-study
  • undertaking a research project and writing up their findings
  • producing a bibliography using a specific style guide (e.g. Harvard)

Language and communication skills for the study and work-related situations

  • university lectures held in English
  • job applications
  • job interviews
  • handling complaints
  • presenting information graphically

Understanding and processing information in written and spoken business related material

  • job advertisements
  • the recruitment process
  • working conditions (job security, pay, work-life balance, etc.)
  • careers and professional life
  • customer service &satisfaction
  • retailing
  • products &distribution channels

Writing skills for business correspondence and study purposes

  • covering letters
  • résumés
  • business emails including rescheduling meetings
  • essays (paraphrasing &summarising ideas)
  • researching a specific business-related topic and writing up the findings using a formal style
  • adding references to a bibliography


  • multi-word vocabulary (i.e. collocation, phrasal verbs, idioms)
  • action verbs for talking about job skills and achievements
  • recruitment
  • SWOT analysis for career development
  • benefits at work
  • formal & informal registers in business emails
  • openings &closing business emails
  • telephoning (commonly used phrases)
  • customer service & complaints
  • product description
  • retailing
  • using graphs & charts
  • general business vocabulary


  • verb tenses (present simple vs. present continuous, simple past vs. present perfect, past continuous)
  • adjectives for presenting oneself and making comparisons
  • question formation
  • indirect forms for diplomacy
  • modal verbs
  • prepositions (for example, of location)

Keyfacts zum Modul "Essential Business English":

  • Präsenzstunden: 32 Unterrichtseinheiten (á 45 Minuten, inkl. Klausur)
  • ECTS: 5
  • Dauer: 1 Semester
  • Prüfungsleistungen: Klausur (á 4 UE)
  • Kosten: 320,00 €
  • Studienorte: Ob dieses Modul auch an Ihrem Studienstandort angeboten wird, erfahren Sie bei dem für Sie zuständigen FOM Hochschulzentrum.


  • Bei Beginn im Sommersemester: Vorlesungen von März bis August
  • Bei Beginn im Wintersemester: Vorlesungen von September bis Februar