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Winter Conference Amsterdam / Netherlands

Winter Conference Amsterdam
Study Abroad Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the place to be for this Winter Conference to learn more about Servant-Leadership. You will broaden your knowledge of this outstanding alternative leadership philosophy. A philosophy that encourages companies to develop their leaders in serving their organisation, their clients and society at large. Our five-day Winter Conference will be hosted by the Servant-Leadership Centre for Research and Education (SERVUS) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, School of Business and Economics ( The course offers you insights into research-based Servant-Leadership practices for organisational development through hands-on experience in a community project. Renowned lecturers include the internationally distinguished organisational theorist and management consultant Fons Trompenaars.

Initial modules introduce Servant-Leadership principles and teach the basics of Servant-Leadership dilemma-focused (re)search. This is followed by fieldwork in a cross-company team, giving you the real-life opportunity to experience Servant-Leadership in societal practice. You then get to reflect on how serving the local community can bring about better leadership outcomes. Subsequent modules identify similarities in Servant-Leadership applied to different types of organisations. You are encouraged to develop a model of double-loop feedback to deploy as a meaningful tool in your own organization.

The vibrant city of Amsterdam is predestined to promote the Conference’s focus on international cooperation as well as strengthen your personal cross-cultural skills and understanding. After successful completion of the course you will earn valuable credits towards the FOM Masters/ MBA program. To provide interactive learning, the number of participants is limited. Early registration is recommended.

Prof. Fons Trompenaars

»This is not just another leadership program. This course will help you to investigate and apply the latest insights on Servant-Leadership, a powerful vehicle for the 21st Century organization. Servant-Leadership is enabling others to perform better; the more you serve, the more you lead your fellow servers.«

Prof. Fons Trompenaars, Co-Director SERVUS    

About the Partner University

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business and Economics provides a stimulating and inclusive academic environment for ambitious people who wish to positively impact the world and people’s lives. They believe in science with purpose and see collaboration, openness and social responsibility as the way forward – for science, business and humanity.

The Servant-Leadership Centre for Research and Education originated from an active group of researchers and practitioners at amongst others the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Greenleaf Centre Europe, THTConsulting, VUMedical Centre and VU School of Business and Economics. During the last two decades fundamental research on dilemma reconciliation in organizations demonstrated the key role of servant-leaders.

Freie Universität Amsterdam

Study in Amsterdam

About the City

Amsterdam is known for the many cyclists along the canals and the pulsating nightlife but also its artistic heritage, a widely ramified canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades dating back to the so-called Golden Age of the city in the 17th century. Amsterdam, with its thousands of colorful houseboats, the distinctive coffee shop culture and numerous renowned museums, is as diverse as hardly any other city in Western Europe.

Many Dutch companies, such as the Heineken brewery and the Philips electronics group but also international companies such as Cisco Systems, have their headquarters in Amsterdam. The port of Amsterdam is the second largest in the Netherlands.

About the programme

Place: Amsterdam
Duration: 5 days
Start: 23.11.2020
Lecture times: 23.11. until 27.11.2020 from Mondays to Fridays
Participation fee study programme: 2.110 euro, Further expenses for travel (arrival and departure), accommodation and board have to be paid by the participant.
Prerequisites: There is no special admission requirement.
Registration deadline: We ask for registration by 15.08.2020 at the latest. Later registration may be considered depending on availability.
Excerpt from the curriculum: (subject to changes)


This Workshop contributes to the new generation of Servant Leaders. The unique combination of using dilemma focused (re)search to build on the latest insights on Servant-Leadership, and applying this in real-life business environments will provide meaningful tools for personal growth and organizational development. Community learning and working with dilemmas will be a vital part of your Workshop adventure.

Learning objectives

  •  To support organizations to develop their leaders, in service of the organization, their clients and society at large
  •  To understand Servant-Leadership principles and dilemma reconciliation
  •  To achieve a value driven Servant-Leadership toolset for your organization
  •  To learn how to reconcile serving and leading: leadership development towards character building.

Key benefits
  •  Develop a mindset that works effectively at engaging people across cultures
  •  Research based Servant-Leadership practices for organizational development
  •  Reconcile a dilemma relevant to your organization
  •  Fieldwork in a Community project with a cross company team
  •  Expand your Servant-Leadership network


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