FOM University of Applied Sciences offers its students the chance to complete Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the fields of business & management, business & psychology, business & law, health & social affairs, IT management and engineering in parallel to their regular employment.

The vast majority of students have already completed a professional qualification and study in parallel to a, in most cases, full-time occupation. Due to the double load of studies and profession, study-related stays abroad are often only possible within tight time limits.

The International Office already offers international programmes that are specially tailored to working students at their expense. Within these courses, which can be credited towards their studies, students gain international experience and can exchange ideas with international fellow students. FOM teachers are involved in the implementation of the programmes. The International Office also supports students and teachers individually within the framework of Erasmus+.

In the course of the internationalisation of research, FOM University of Applied Sciences has recently achieved some success. Structural participation of Master’s students and a consistent participation of the administrative and coordinative staff in the field of internationalisation has not yet taken place. That is to be changed with the RNI project.