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Master Programmes Germany for indian students

FOM Hochschule offers Indian students the opportunity to come to Germany as part of their master's programme. Students can spent the first two semesters at their home university in India, and complete their third and fourth semester at FOM Hochschule in the city of Essen, Germany.

By successfully fulfilling the program, FOM will award a Master of Science degree.

Currently, FOM is cooperating with the Don Bosco School of Management and the Indira Global Study Center. Further information can be found on the course pages.

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Wheels of Innovation India

In regards of cooperation in India, please firstly contact Mr. Sandeep Joshi, FOM's representative in India:

Sandeep Joshi,
Managing Director, Wheel of Innovations 

Wheel of Innovations,
7 Smita Apartments , Bhonde Colony, Karve Road, Pune 411004

+91 20 25435391-92

Studying in Essen, Germany

Lying in the centre of the Ruhr area in Western Germany, the town Essen has a lot to offer – from significant industrial cultural monuments to charming local recreation areas. Students can enjoy large cultural opportunities such as the famous Folkwang Museum or the Aalto Theatre, as well as countless opportunities for going out.

For example, you should not miss a visit to the Coal Mine Zollverein Industrial Complex. Today, the former coal mine is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and with its adjacent park, it is one of the region’s tourist magnets. As the greenest city in the German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia and one of the European Green Capitals, Essen delights everyone who wants to enjoy nature after a lecture.

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» Travel Guide Essen

Student Statements

Venkata Satya Siddharth Vangapandu
Venkata Satya Siddharth Vangapandu
Participant of the Master's programmes for Indian Students at FOM in Germany

»I feel extremely privileged to be a part of the prestigious institution, FOM. Fueled by innovative methodologies in teaching, the Professors at FOM encourage us students to think beyond the boundaries and come up with unique ideas. So far, I had a delightful experience here at FOM, Germany. The International Office here is extremely helpful and welcoming. For every student/working professional, looking for popular courses with an industry-oriented curriculum, I can definitely say, FOM is the best choice!« 

Bhavika Srivastava
Bhavika Srivastava
Participant of the Master's programmes for Indian Students at FOM in Germany

»I feel truly blessed to be a part of FOM. It offers many possibilities and supports me on my way to achieve my ultimate goal to land a prestigious and praiseworthy job in Germany. The program content and teaching quality here at FOM offers the opportunity to attain well-paid assignments and make dreams come true.« 

Yashviir Singh
Yashviir Singh
Participant of the Master's programmes for Indian Students at FOM in Germany

»The learning environment here is quite good and online literature helps in getting the appropriate information. The way that FOM is set up has made it really easy to meet new professional connections across Germany. I am sure Germany would give us a wonderful International exposure which would help in professional growth.« 

Sonia Kopidesi Prabhakaran
Sonia Kopidesi Prabhakaran
Participant of the Master's programmes for Indian Students at FOM in Germany

»Being an expert of data without any doubt is one of the most promising career paths I can imagine. The Masters’ program offered at the FOM University provides a snapshot of how big data transforms the way the business is conducted today and demonstrates the state-of- the-art tools to get into the forefront of data-based business analytics.«