The FOM concept

The FOM concept: on-site lectures

Students at FOM attend traditional classes – in the evenings and at weekends at FOM study centres parallel to their job, training or internships. The decision to offer on-site classes was a conscious one by FOM: in contrast with distance courses, for example, students who study in the evenings or at weekends have personal contact with their lecturers and fellow students. After classes, they can share experiences or discuss problems and questions. This helps them transfer their newly acquired knowledge to practice – and it increases students' motivation.

Another benefit of studying in the evenings or at weekends is that fixed lecture and exam dates as well as group dynamics are known to boost performance. Study groups can support and motivate individual participants. Moreover, contact to fellow students and lecturers helps students develop their own personal network.

In addition to this, the on-site study concept ensures that FOM students not only acquire a knowledge of their subject but that they also strengthen their social skills. They learn to deal with other opinions, train their debating skills and ability to make good judgements, work in a team, present results and work with the latest specialist literature.

Statistics prove that the evening and weekend study concept is effective: Over 80 percent of FOM students obtain their desired university degree. By comparison, only 30 percent achieve their goal in distance courses (Source:


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