New job opportunities: studying at university while working

Structural changes in the economy necessitate increasingly high qualifications, however as a result of demographical developments, there is a growing shortage of academic experts and managers. According to the German Education Council, the demand for academics in Germany will increase to around 1.4 million by 2015. This contrasts with a total of only around 300,000 students expected to graduate in the same period. For academically trained experts, this opens up a wide spectrum of professional opportunities. By taking a university course while working, you keep your job, continue to earn a salary and you gain the necessary academic knowledge needed for future responsibilities.

Studying at FOM University leads to a sought-after university degree and effectively prepares you to meet the academic requirements of your profession and specifically for management or leadership responsibilities. Thanks to FOM's work-and-study concept, professionals and trainees can complete a course of study without having to give up their job. You have a choice: either you take one of the traditional 7-semester Bachelor or 4-semester Master degree courses, or you choose a specialist Bachelor or Master degree course at one of the FOM Departments. Study programmes are currently offered at the FOM Open Business Department, FOM Department of Dual Studies, FOM Department of Health and Social Management and at FOM Department of Engineering. Depending on choice of course or department, three study time options are currently possible at FOM: You can study in the evenings and at weekends, on two days a week during the day, or you can take a compact block course. You decide which option is best suited to your own individual preferences or the requirements of your employer.  Whichever alternative you opt for, all three share the many benefits and advantages that make FOM's study concept so successful:

From initial contact as a prospective student to graduation – you're offered comprehensive, all-round support at FOM. The Central Student Advisory Service or the Student Advisory Service at FOM's individual study centres as well as innovative technical services, such as our comprehensive Online Campus, relieve working students of all organisational and administrative burdens. This means you can concentrate wholly on your studies and your job.

By combining your studies with a job or traineeship, you can apply academic theory directly to business practice. Close contacts to businesses in all sectors of industry also ensure that course content satisfies the needs of the economy.

Students who study at FOM while working or training continue to receive their full salary. Another bonus: Under certain conditions, tuition fees and all other expenses incurred in connection with the course may be tax deductible as special expenses.

FOM's Bachelor and Master programmes have been accredited by the international accreditation agency FIBAA. The German Council of Science and Humanities also awarded FOM its quality seal. In its audit, it confirms that FOM "has developed and implemented a convincing concept for its target group".

With study centres throughout Germany, FOM guarantees greater flexibility than other universities. Changing from one study centre to another – for example, for professional reasons – is possible without any problems after a semester has been completed.

FOM was founded at the initiative of industry. As a result of this, valuable contacts and intensive collaborations exist with a wide range of businesses. Numerous experts from practice also teach at the university or offer insights into their experience as guest speakers.


If you have any questions concerning studying at the FOM do not hesitate to contact our Student Advisory Service:

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