Research and development at FOM

Research and development are of major importance at the FOM: they do not only take place on the basis of the Northrhine Westphalia law for greater autonomy for higher education institutions (Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz), but are also an important pillar of the guiding principle of the university.

The aims of the university: to further develop scientific training and education, to transfer scientific findings to business practice and to enable students on a scientific level. The main emphases in terms of content are career- and education research, contributions to competence development in SMEs, taxation law issues as well as economic analyses.

The transfer of research- and development results to science and economy is ensured through publications in the series of the FOM or other specialist publishers, through symposia, scientific conferences and presentations.

The institutes of the FOM form one special interface between theory and practice: they identify practical challenges and requirements of companies at an early stage and develop scientifically founded solution approaches for industry-specific issues:

In addition, the head office of the List Gesellschaft e.V. – an international organisation of personal and institutional members from economy, science, politics, associations and public administration – has been located at the FOM in Essen since 1 January 2009.

In the course of their cooperations, the List Gesellschaft and the FOM jointly aim at improving the dialogue between science and practice with regards to economic and social political subjects. Management of the List Gesellschaft, including Prof. Dr. Michael Göke (dean of the FOM department for Economics and General Studies), initiates events and publications on these issues.


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